Newsletter #20: Pendant Light for Eco Outdoor

Hi All, I hope you are well.

Australia boasts many unique and inspiring businesses and one of my favourites is Eco Outdoor. Eco Outdoor make high quality outdoor furniture as well as custom flooring and walling for indoor and outdoor spaces. It's a sophisticated concept based on sustainable principles. I have been fortunate to have worked with the highly capable team at EcoOutdoor a few times now and it is always a delight from beginning to end.

Jennifer Stumbles, one of the owners of Eco Outdoor, recently commissioned me to create a bespoke pendant light as their centrepiece for their brand spanking new showroom in none other than Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Jen more or less gave me free reign to create whatever I wanted. Amazing woman she is, have no doubt about that. What an opportunity for a creative to be so trusted. 

And so, I made this.

Eco Outdoor light.jpg

It's a nod to Grandfathers Beard, an ethereal kind of spooky air plant that terrifies me frankly. So I needed to make peace with it by beautifying it. The lights represent fire flies buzzing around the intricate structure of the plant.

And yes, I was the only person in Beverly Hills wearing Havianas, for which I will not make a single apology. I was also the only person who walked anywhere. And no, I didn't see any of the Housewives unfortunately. 

Thank you Jen and Ben and Ross and Ann-Maree for the opportunity. Thank you too for your care and consideration for me, during what was one of the hardest times in my life. You held me up and I am very grateful to you all for that.  

For more information about Eco Outdoor's new showroom in Beverly Hills and my pendant light, take a few minutes to read this post on Eco Outdoor's Outdoor Blog.  If you happen to be in LA, stop by and check out the showroom. It is incredibly beautiful and breath of fresh air for Beverly Hills. Another incredible Australian brand, Armadillo & Co, is right next door. They make great companions.

Much Love, Jac xxx