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Newsletter #11: Weaver's Sample Packs in K1S1

Dear All,

I hope you are well.

Today in the Christmas Shop I have listed something for the weavers amongst us.

I'm not a weaver but I do appreciate the art form. It's all about colour placement, the creation of layers of interest and texture and patience, patience and more patience. I'm not that patient.

I get asked a lot by weavers for lengths ofyarn to add some chunk to their weavings. The best examples of how effective adding some chunk to a weaving can be found in the works of my lovely friends Natalie Miller and Maryanne Moodie. Check them out!

This Christmas, to  make your life so much easier, I have bundled together 5 sample packs, all in different colour combinations, so that you can try your hand at adding some chunk to your own work. Each pack has 8 colours and 2 metres of each colour.

K1S1 is a perfect yarn for weaving because, while it is soft and easy to manipulate around your warp and weft, unlike roving, it will not shed, break or tear whilst you are working with it. 


Hope you love.

All the best, 

Jac xx