Newsletter #4: May 2016

Dear All, 

I hope you are well.

When I first started extreme knitting with unspun woollen tops there were no patterns to follow and, apart from following the basic principles of knitting, I had to make them up as I went along.  Six years on (that sounds so crazy to me) and I've finally carved out some time to get those patterns out of my head and commit them to paper for you to use for your own benefit.

The patterns are now available for purchase as a pdf. They are also available free of charge with any purchase of K1S1 Extreme Knitting Yarn and/or K1S1 Industrial Needles. Whenever a purchase is made through my online store, your order confirmation will include the link to the Patterns Library and the exclusive  access code.

I have some wonderful knitters from all over the world currently playing with K1S1 to create new patterns for a whole range of projects. The possibilities with this yarn are endless and so watch this space as we continue to build a soulful but always bonkers story for you. K1S1 extreme knitting yarn is a truly wonderful yarn to work with. It can be knitted numerous times without any impact on the integrity of the yarn. It has been specifically designed by me to have a low pilling quotient and a high degree of functionality. Unlike pieces made from unspun woollen tops left as is, K1S1 will not shed, break or pull through use. It is easy care with a beautiful soft handle and a stunning contemporary aesthetic. K1S1 is also exclusive to me and so is only available through my online store or an approved stockist. It's a one of kind guys!

To celebrate overcoming my well honed skill of procrastinating (I have been sitting on these patterns for over 6 months now) and finally having them ready for you, please feel free to download this pattern for a K1S1 Extreme Throw in Basket Weave. 

K1S1 in Dusty Blue

K1S1 in Dusty Blue

Just as a side, I'm not one to follow many knitting conventions. Mine is definitely a more conceptual form of knitting. As a result, more established knitters will notice that I have tweaked some long established stitches to suit not only my taste but also the scale of K1S1. So - don't be cranky with me. Just have fun. :) xoxox