Unspun Wool


There is nothing like working with unspun wool. With the softest of handles and the delicacy of fairy floss, knitting with this wool is like working with a cloud. 

Unspun wool has a myriad of crafty applications. Spinners use it to spin yarn. Weavers use it to add beautiful textural elements to their works and felters and fibre artists will have secret closests full of this delectable fibre to create works of art.

BUT-it is not a knitting yarn.

When Jacqui first launched her range of textiles made from felted unspun wool in 2012 she was forging new ground. Her process of felting the unspun wool was self taught and borne out of the necessity to give the pieces she created functionality and longevity. 

Without being felted, textiles made from unspun wool will:

  • shed;
  • pill excessively, even with the gentlest of uses;
  • easily break, tear and pull with damage and use;
  • change in its structure and aesthetic once washed, even with dry cleaning; and
  • not last over the longer term.

With demand for textiles made from K1S1, Jacqui no longer makes pieces felted unspun wool using her self taught process. Instead, she now teaches other makers around the world what she has learnt so that they have access to good information. Jacqui believes it is essential to marry a customer's expectations with the reality of how any given material will perform. Ultimately, without such information, the reputation of this beautiful fibre is likely to be damaged.