Jacqui Fink is a fibre artist based in Sydney Australia who works predominantly with high grade and naturally coloured merino wools from Australia and New Zealand. Through the lens of her bespoke studio Little Dandelion, Jacqui’s focus is on creating residential, commercial and public installations and textiles both extreme in their scale and the physical challenge they represent for one pair of hands. Each piece is as much a feat of endurance as it is a loving creative expression. Jacqui’s process is entirely self-taught and underpinned by three great passions: her love of sensory feedback, texture and natural fibres. The extreme scale acts as a dramatic sensory and aesthetic conduit to illustrate the beauty and soothing powers of natural fibres. The textures created are rich, luxurious and have the power to imbue both solace and joy to the observer. As her quiet rebellion against mass production, she ensures that each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation: something very personal for the client, lusciously tactile to the touch, highly textural by nature, and meticulous in its construction.

Stemming from a very traumatic period in her life, Jacqui single handedly reimagined large scale and high end hand knitted textiles for the home when in 2012 she launched onto the market large scale luxurious blankets and throws made from unspun merino woollen tops which she felted to give the fibre a functionality it otherwise would not have. Jacqui's original designs and process coupled with her conceptual approach to knitting quickly garnered attention from the media and industry at large from around the world. Social media also fuelled an international audience for Jacqui's work and it has gone on to inspire makers around the world, who have also taken up the mantle of "extreme knitting" in what is now a global trend.  

Jacqui's own creative expression has evolved rapidly over this time. Determined to offer knitters a chance to share in her woollie world, Jacqui has since developed her own extreme knitting yarn that was launched in 2015. Named K1S1 (Knit One Share One), the yarn is an innovative premium felted yarn made from high quality merino wool. Made to Jacqui's design and specifications, the yarn gives knitters, weavers  and crafter's alike a viable, functional and soft alternative with which to create their own large scale textiles. K1S1 represents a significant and much needed departure form other large scale knitting materials on the market, many of them not proper knitting yarns, due to its high quality, strength, low pilling quotient and easy care properties.

Jacqui is passionate about high quality wool and its manipulation into beautiful functional forms and artwork. The process is both therapeutic and healing and as such constitutes exceptionally meaningful work. Jacqui credits her journey with extreme knitting as her salvation from depression and anxiety. She now shares her learnings, both personal and professional, by teaching extreme knitting to others.

Image by  Sharyn  Cairns of Solace No.2. Commercial Commission 2016. Ps. my face was totally touched up in this pic :).

Image by Sharyn Cairns of Solace No.2. Commercial Commission 2016. Ps. my face was totally touched up in this pic :).