Before you make s start on your project, I recommend watching Jacqui's tutorial as it takes you through all the ins and outs of her well honed process. Jacqui has built up a substantial inventory of knowledge since she developed her process and you can't beat learning from the source.


what you need to know

Throw the rule book out.  I don't like rules. They annoy me. Extreme knitting is not like "proper" knitting. It's physical and a little awkward to manage at first. Leave everything you know about knitting at the door and embrace the experience with everything you've got. Don't give up if it doesn't come to you easily. Keep trying and before you know it you'll be hooked.

Tension is everything. Extreme knitting is very physical and so you will make your life a little uncomfortable if you knit with a tight tension.  Just relax, and go for a relaxed to loose tension.  The aim is to avoid any resist between the needle and the wool. You may need to practice a little to get the hang of it.

Take regular breaks. Extreme knitting is a workout. It involves a lot of weight bearing and movement, especially as the work grows in size. If you have any health concerns, please consult your health care professional before starting to be sure you are up to it. I recommend taking break every 20 minutes. Get up, walk around and have stretch before returning to your knitting. 

Let your yarn recover before knitting. K1S1 has been tightly wound into a bump to reduce as much bulk as possible. This can cause the shape of the yarn to flatten out a little. I recommend unwinding the yarn from the bump in lengthy batches to allow it to recover its shape before knitting.


Pilling is a natural result of friction and does not constitute a defect. While K1S1 has been made with a low pilling quotient, all wool pills with friction to some extent. The little woollie balls can be removed by simply cutting them off. Pilling does not interfere with the functionality of your woollie: it merely affects the appearance.

Different hands will produce different results. I have done my best to explain my process in as much detail as possible but your outcome will be different to mine, as it should be. That's the joy of making something by hand. Your throw will be invested with YOUR energy, YOUR love and care. Celebrate the difference.

While every effort is made to avoid any breaks, inconsistencies in diameter or discolouration in K1S1 at the time of production, nothing is perfect and sometimes irregularities may occur. Sometimes you may even find small pieces of wheat and other vegetation not removed by the fleece's extensive cleaning process. It is important to remember that we are dealing with a natural product and these irregularities are beyond my control. If you happen upon an irregularity in your yarn, cut out the affected area, rejoin the yarn, work the ends back into the throw and knit on.