K1S1 Industrial Knitting Needles

K1S1 Industrial Knitting Needles have been designed especially to manage the scale of the K1S1 extreme knitting yarn.

K1S1 needles:

  1. weigh approximately 550 grams per stick;
  2. are 50mm in diameter; and
  3. measure approximately 110cm in length.

Made from pvc plumber's pipe and hand turned timber tops and ends, K1S1 needles help support the weight of your creation as it grows. 


The hand turned wooden tip and ends have been polished with a small amount of bees wax to help make the timber water resistant. If you happen to spill water on the timber, wipe the water off as soon as possible to avoid the timber from being water marked.

You may need to reapply a small amount of  bees wax from time to time.

Please store and rest the needles carefully as the wood can become scratched, dinted or chipped if the needle is knocked over or comes into contact with a hard or rough surface. I've done this a million times with my own sticks because I am as klutzy as they come. To me, the scratches are a badge of honour and I leave them. If they bother you though, find a piece of fine sanding paper and gently sand the affected area until smooth. Then apply a small amount of bees wax with a clean cloth to protect the wood. I highly encourage you not to be too precious about it though. While you don't want anything on the needle to "catch" the wool while knitting (and to this end the wood needs to be smooth), it is pretty hard not to knock over your K1S1 needles. They are just so large.