K1S1 - Launch Time

K1S1 extreme knitting yarn -  DIY Little Dandelion style.

Bumps of K1S1

Bumps of K1S1

It's taken just shy of two years to bring K1S1 to market. I have to confess, I nearly gave up on this dream a few times. It's been bloody hard work and at times I have lost hope of it ever coming into being. Building something from the ground up is a particularly fraught process and it is probably a good thing that I was fairly naive about it all. Often, not knowing what is not possible is a blessing because you just keep working at it until you make it possible. But with the aid of a wonderful mill owner in New Zealand, I persisted and I am so glad I did.

K1S1 means Knit One Share One and represents my desire to share my passion for extreme knitting and big yarn with you all. This is no ordinary yarn guys and, as you already know, I only play with the good stuff. This is high grade merino wool which has been developed into a fully felted knitting yarn using state of the art technology.

K1S1 replicates the same scale I currently create with unspun wool but, as it is a yarn, all you need to do is knit. There are no additional and complicated  process required beyond that. Everything I have learnt about wool and yarn over the last few years has been invested into K1S1. It is luscious and soft but also robust with a low pilling quotient.

Textiles made with K1S1 have a dynamic almost structural character matched by a texture which is sublime and immensely comforting.

K1S1 Throw

The K1S1 range will continue to evolve with time. Smaller bumps are on their way along with some other beautiful natural colours. 

K1S1 together with industrial knitting needles and trims are now available in my online shop. I hope you enjoy.

Made in New Zealand to my specifications, K1S1 is exclusive to Little Dandelion. Wholesale enquiries are welcome. Please email me at hello@littledandelion.com for more information.