a little bit crafty

In 2011, I sat in the offices of Aer Design in Melbourne and discussed the branding for Little Dandelion. I was so unsure of what was ahead. I had no clue about social media. I was also completely out of the loop in terms of lifestyle and interior magazines. I didn't buy them. All except one that is: frankie magazine.  I remember joking with Jen and Lynne that if I make it into Frankie then I will have considered myself as having "made it". It sounds ridiculous but it is a measure of how much I love frankie.

Anyway, over the past couple of months,  Frankie have been busy painting, stitching and  snipping to bring you a brand new book, a little bit crafty!

And they asked me, alongside 38 of Australia's favourite local crafters, to contribute a nifty project to keep you busy through many sunny crafternoons. What a thrill.

You can find my project on page 48. The frankie team have called it "high fives for finger knitting". It's all about repurposing odds and ends in your yarn stash to create snuggly little woollen bowls in which to keep your treasures. It's easy, it's fun and, like all crafty pursuits, will calm the nerves and sooth the soul. Enjoy.

You can by your copy here.


High Fives For Finger Knitting
a little bit crafty