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Experimentation - when I get it right

Sometimes the stars align and my vision gets translated into something I am truly proud to call my own. I'm always wanting to push the scale of my work to the edge. I LOVE knitting on a massive scale and am only restricted by my own strength and the size of my needles.

My lovely Dad recently made these jumbo sized needles for me with the help of a maintenance engineer. They look more like long range missiles than knitting needles though. They are my new besties.

This is my very tall rock chick channeling 6 year old alongside my besties.

Anyway, with these missiles I've just completed a black linen throw using 15cm wide linen strips. The scale is massive and I am deliriously happy with the end result.

To help you out with scale, this is a Queen sized bed.

This pic shows the throw with a regular size dinner plate in the centre.

It's so hard to convey the actual size of each stitch but suffice to say they are huge.

This particular throw has been made for one of my stockists - Les Interieurs. Pamela Makin is opening a new concept store at 104 Glenmore Road, Paddington  in the fine company of Australian designers Sass & Bide and Scanlan & Theodore in Paddington's coolest fashion hub. Come February, Sydney's Eastern Suburbs will finally have Pamela's unquestionable good taste at their finger tips. I shall post more details of Les Interieur's latest adventure soon.