Product Development

Experimentation - when I get it wrong

I'm always dreaming up ways to expand my range in a meaningful way. I love to create for creations sake but if I am to add it to the Little Dandelion range then it needs to be a natural extension of my existing work. But let's be clear about this - I'm really just winging this part of the process. I quite literally make things up as I go along and often feel completely constrained by my lack of technical knowledge. I have so many ideas but I just don't know how to make many of them work. I often reach out to my extended creative family for advice and ideas and they are always so generous with their suggestions. But mostly, it just comes down to research and experimentation. Many of my experiments  fall a bit flat in the "Approvals Department" (aka my Husband and neighbours) but sometimes a piece will come together exactly how I imagined. For example,  I have the most magnificent stash of hemp fibre. I am so determined to find a beautiful use for it. The problem is the fibre is so delicate that no-one in their right mind would even consider knitting with it as is. (Just as a side, one could argue I am not of "right mind" but I prefer to see it more in terms of just being a lover of beautiful highly impractical things. Not everything needs to be functional right?).

Glorious, glorious, glorious! Hemp fibre you make my heart sing.

So, I've been dabbling: I've washed the fibre; I've starched the fibre; I've dried the fibre; I've twisted the fibre; I've knitted and knotted,  and I'm still at a loss.

The fibre looks beautiful knitted and the end piece is, in my eyes, something to behold.


Anyway, I'll keep persisting but here are my attempts to make this fibre sing in a non-traditional way. Clearly, they don't quite come off  but I'll persist. I have new leads to pursue so stay tuned on the hemp fibre front.

It's okay - you can have a giggle!

A little better.

Oh the beauty! I must get out more........Jac