Monday Moments

Monday Moments

Monday 8 October 2012 These are all moments from my Monday, always a busy day juggling many balls.

Three lunch boxes to pack, three pairs of school shoes to find, three lost drink bottles to get frustrated about. But that's okay. I always have pencil sharpening to look forward to on a Monday morning. I'm a simple girl who enjoys simple things and I couldn't move past the beauty of these simple pencil shavings.

MM 8:19 - pencil shavings

After enjoying a wonderful holiday in Far North Queensland (without little people in tow) it was time for some serious catch up on the business front. I happily and gratefully have much to do.

mm 8:10 -trim colour

These new trim colours arrived this morning from the UK. There is more to come. I love these colours together. They are fresh and happy - the epitome of summer.

MM 8:10 - grey throw

I have a number of custom orders on the go at the moment. This one is to be trimmed with a grey of the same colour. It will be a classic and you can be sure that the pictures of the throw in its new home will be incredibly beautiful. However, there is much to do to this beauty before then. I need more hours in the day and another set of hands would be helpful.

MM 8:10- linen on sticks

I am knitting furiously in preparation for my play date with Pepa and Karen from Shibori this week. My first two throws are now ready and I am told that they look amazing. I am a tad excited about seeing them. I am really enjoying collaborating with Pepa and Karen. They are amazing women who are filled with positivity.

MM 8:10 - linen scarf with shibori

I'm also knitting scarves to deliver up to Shibori. What do you think?

MM 8:10 - linen jumble
MM 8:10 - linen jumble

This linen jumble is pretty typical of me. I tend to work in our living room because the light is just right. It does mean, however, that we very much live amongst my work. I love it because I enjoy the textures but I'm grateful that I have a very understanding husband.

Said husband has just presented dinner on the table so I think that's my cue to sign off for the day.

Jac x