The Little Dandelion Clique - an Owner's Gallery

The Little Dandelion Clique

I've said it before, but I mean it when I say it's important to me to know where my creations end up and how they are used. I've always been very curious by nature so I would love to know each and every one of the lovely people who end up with a Little Dandelion piece in their homes. So I'm starting a regular post called the Little Dandelion Clique so that I can share with you images of Little Dandelion pieces in their new homes. If you happen to be an owner of a Little Dandelion, please email me an image of your piece so that I can post it here. That includes you Melissa when those beyond gorgeous baby Ragdolls arrive on your door step.

To start us of, I have posted a picture of the first linen blanket I made. It's the same linen blanket that appears in the incredible photos taken by Sharyn Cairns and styled by Glen Proebstel last year. It's a beast of a blanket and is made from a lovely taupe self herringbone striped linen. The blanket is soft and warm and carries with it a beautiful draping quality.

As soon as this gorgeous owner saw the blanket, he put his name on it. It was the first time I had shown anyone outside of my family my work and I was feeling VERY insecure about how it might be received. This gorgeous man's enthusiasm and understanding of the blanket buoyed my spirits and gave me the confidence to keep moving forward with my plans. Thank you beautiful man. You have had a big impact on my journey with Little Dandelion and you continue to be generous with your spirit, support and guidance. It makes my heart sing that this beauty is in your hands.

Little Dandelion Clique - owner's gallery
Little Dandelion Clique - owner's gallery

An image of a Little Dandelion linen blanket being used by its owner in his home - the wonderful Mr Glen Proebstel. Big love Glen!