Clever People

A day out with Shibori

Today was the best day ever beacuse I spent it with Pepa and Karen from Shibori. Shibori packaging

I know that makes me sound like a 12 year old but I really was giddy with excitement about the prospect of meeting these two amazing creatives. For those of you who are yet to discover the delights of Shibori, Pepa and Karen craft a range of boutique fabric dyes for the home user. Think indigo. Think antique gold. Think yum!

This is a dip dyed Shibori hide.

They also produce beautiful cushions, throws and other "must have"  homewares which have all been dyed in line with Karen and Pepa's contemporary and artistic interpretation of the ancient Shibori method. Karen and Pepa have been at this for years now so their technique is well honed and their fabrics are something to behold. These women also create artworks on a major scale and their list of creative collaborations goes on and on. It is all very special.

This sign hangs over the door of the Shibori Studio. Pepa lost the "b" in transit long ago and has replaced it with a simple chalk letter. Love it.

I am a fool for indigo and, as you know by now, I am a complete fool for linen. For me, there could be no better combination. So I recently approached Pepa and Karen about having some of my linen throws dyed. I purchased some of their dyes some time ago and the tins have remained on a shelf in my office looking beautiful. But, alas, this little duck is too afraid to use them. In any event, I put so much into my throws that I'd rather hand them over to the professionals to do them justice. I also have something very specific in mind for them which is far beyond my non-existent dyeing skills.

And so here is my plan.

I knit the throws. There are currently two colours: white and taupe.

I give the throws to Pepa and Karen. Pepa and Karen dye the throws. I'm going for a graduated dye technique.

The dye is oxidising. Like I know what that means!!!!!

It goes back in for some more.

Karen at work. Almost there. The dyeing I mean, not the baby.

After dyeing the fabric samples, they were hung out to dry. It was a joy watching the most magnificant hues of indigo and gold appear.

I cannot tell you how happy this photo makes me. And this one too -

Could it be anymore beautiful? I don't think so.

Eventually, my linen throws will look something like this:

Get the idea?

I have left some throws with Pepa and Karen to get them started. I am so excited about this adventure. It is such a treat to meet other people who get as excited about a creative process as I do. I am very grateful to these women for inviting a perfect stranger through their doors and welcoming me so warmly. Pepa and Karen were kind and gracious. Our conversation was easy and like minded.We spoke the same language.

Here's hoping for a wonderful artistic collaboration. Shibori, thank you , thank you, thank you.