Clever People

The Design Files feature on our house

designfiles-daily header
designfiles-daily header

On a sunny May Day, Lucy Feagins from The Design Files and Rachel Kara (photographer) visited our house in Sydney's Northern Beaches. They went about their work effortlessly and their passion for their craft was evident. People with such a keen aesthetic sensibility, such as Lucy and Rachel, are clearly born not made. Their talent to spot a good picture and to set up a frame is innate.

I am fascinated by adults who are so visually driven. They have survived a one dimensional educational system which does not value the arts nor allow someone to foster their creativity and visual intellect. In my world view, it is our creatives who are off-the-charts clever. They speak a more intuitive language than most and I love any opportunity to learn from them.

We finished the day over a lovely lunch, complete with ironed table cloth and grown up tea cups. I felt like I had known these two for years. They are lovely lovely women. Thanks Lucy and Rachel.

Here is their gorgeous feature on our VERY tidy home which is never this tidy!