Clever People


The beautiful photos were taken by the very clever Belinda Danks Kypriotis. I wanted some photos to show you all how my woollie shrugs are worn. So I asked my clever friend Belinda to help me out. Belinda turns her hands to many things but she has an untapped and innate ability to take a beautiful photograph. We spent an wonderful afternoon in a secret little nook near our homes. We relished the quiet: it was uncomplicated, creative and calm. Ahh the serenity!

I've never been one to have a huge number of friends. I'm more of a one-on-one kind of a girl: an classic introvert who has adopted some extroverted qualities just out of sheer need to survive.  I have had some lovely friends in my life. Some have hung around and others have simply passed through: perfect for that period of my life.

My first true friendship was with a girl named Tanya. We were both fatty gummas together throughout primary school until adolescence and weight loss (not mine) sent us on different journeys. I remember Tanya so fondly. I know she would be a great woman. Note to self: find Tanya on Facebook.

Than there was Jan. I went through most of High School with Jan. Jan was slim and beautiful, an almost ethereal creature. I remained a fatty gumma but goodness we had some laughs. In the 80's, we used to race home from school to our homes to watch a crazy Canadian TV show for children. We would laugh until we cried and then go through it all the next day in fine detail, at which point we'd laugh until we cried again. We though we were funny! Another note to self: find Jan on Facebook.

Motherhood has brought with it some amazing women: women who have supported me so lovingly through post natal depression and anxiety, my Mother's terminal illness and monumental change in my personal life. These women have rallied to keep me afloat, they've been honest and so generous with their love.

And then there's Belinda. It's just so great when you can find someone who you can just be yourself around. Belinda has a knack of knowing just where you are at emotionally. She gets straight to the heart of something, no small talk - just real talk. Big love to you Belinda and thank you for the photos.

ps. I happen to have a thing for flowers and Belinda has taken some of the most captivating images of them I have ever seen. So to all my beautiful friends, past and present, here are some flowers for you.