Monday Moments

Monday 3 September 2012 These are all moments from my Monday, always a busy day juggling many balls.

I have a few custom orders on at the moment and I managed to complete this one today. It's a charcoal linen throw 120 cm x 120cm and it is headed to a linen loving home in Sydney's Northern Beaches. It's always a joy to knit with linen because of my love of the fabric. However, it is a little slippery on the needles and the fabric twists and turns in ways that can be frustrating. But I carry on and when it gets too frustrating I just hit the chocolate.

This is a picture of one of my care labels. I always attach them with a watermelon cotton thread. I can't resist the tiny splash of colour.

It's always a satisfying moment when I package up my custom orders. But, it's not without its angst. I can't help but wonder whether the new owner will love their Little Dandelion. What if they are disappointed when they open the wrapping? Fortunately, it has happened but, for the record, I'd be pretty devastated.

I tracked down some cotton roping last week and had a play with it over the weekend. This spool contains 100 metres of rope.

This is the result of my tinkering. I was initially hoping to make a throw but the rope was just too heavy and not soft enough. This basket used up the entire spool.

I'm thinking of including the baskets in my range. They are in keeping with my obsession with texture, I like the relaxed construction and they would be great for storing all manner of goodies. What do you think?

This pic allows you to get up close and personal with the rope.

This is the beginnings of a custom order throw in Merino white. It will be teamed with a sandstone trim. BEWDIFUL! I am knitting it in what I call the "Hub" stitch: in the real world it's called a rib stitch. It's one of my favourites and certainly my Husband's fav - hence the name the "Hub". He'd be so embarrassed if he read this but, alas, he never does so the coast is clear.

Knitting is a very therapeutic past time. Knitting with this kind of wool can often put me into a meditative state. I find myself becoming completely transfixed by the beauty of the crimp in the wool. I'm always trying to capture this beauty with the help of my Iphone and Instagram but I never quite manage to do it justice. The crimp, when it appears, is layers thick and it is just the most delightful thing to behold. Goodness -  I must sound like a complete mad woman. :)

Here's a little more crimp action for you. You will notice the crimp on the needle resting on the table. I'm an easy girl to please really. Doesn't take much - a bit of snack chocolate, cup of tea and a little crimp action. Happy girl!