For the Love of Colour

A collection of new trim colours used in the making of Little Dandelion blanket and throws

The wool used in the making of a Little Dandelion blanket or throw is the colour it comes off the sheeps back. I am completely in love with this notion. I think sheep are incredible creatures and we owe them a debt of gratitude for the many things with which they provide. People give them a hard time, but we'd be so much the poorer and colder without them.

All hail sheep.

A mixed media artowrk of a sheep by Elodie

I would love to be able to give my customers a picture of the actual sheep from which the wool in their blanket or throw has come. There is actually a lot of variance and our farmers in Australia work extremely hard to ensure that the purity of colours and the quality of the fleece amongst their flocks is maintained. The farmers I deal with love their sheep and are totally devoted to their well being. Love it.

I love to work with a range of colours, my favourites being merino white, silver, sandy beige, nutmeg and vegemite. They are all muted tones, earthy and wonderous. But, I also LOVE colour. Colour makes me happy. At home, we have white painted walls and floor boards which act as a brilliant backdrop to lashings of colour.

It's the same with Little Dandelion's blankets and throws: I simply cannot resist adding a POP colour to them. It makes them a little quirky and fun and most, of all, it just makes me happy.

Little Dandelion's latest collection of trims.

This is the latest collection of colours to arrive on my door step from the UK. Happy days for this little vegemite!