nutmeg blanket with bright blue trim

Monday Moments

Monday 13 August 2012 These are all moments from my Monday, always a busy day juggling many balls.

This Monday was all about pulling myself together after a particularly troubled weekend. My email went down and I was waiting for a very important email from the UK. To say that I was feeling pretty glum doesn't quite cut it. But I was determined not to let the "turkeys get me down". I'm no help desk guys but I eventually got my head around my little technical glitch and figured it out for myself. I was a happy girl.

And finally, in trotted a much anticipated email about sending some woollies over to the UK for a photo shoot. There are no guarantees of course, and there is a distinct possibility that the package may not arrive in time, but today I duly posted a gorgeous king size blanket in nutmeg with a bright blue trim over to Elle Decoration for inclusion in an upcoming wool issue. Fingers crossed that it does not get held up in UK Customs.

It is times like this that I find myself holding on so tightly for a good result. I really need to let go and trust that everything is happening in divine perfect order. So today, I have sort out experiences which I know are tried and true methods of helping me find my happy place.

I have captured them via Instagram so you can see where I'm coming from. Let me know via my Facebook page if you relate to any of them. Jac x

This is the blanket on its way to the UK. Good luck little woollie. I trust that you will be received well and handled with great care.


I know this is a terrible picture but I just wanted to capture a part of the journey. There is always the risk that I may never see this blanket again. It comes with the territory I'm afraid.

I received some gorgeous hemp fibre today in the mail. I plan to knit with the fibre just like I knit with my wool. It's an experiment and I really can't anticipate the outcome, but it's worth a shot. I shall post some pics of the result in due course - good or bad.

Whilst going about my day, I made a point of seeking out experiences that would lift my spirits.  I spotted this gorgeous spray of Jasmine in my neighbours yard, so I just stood by it for awhile and drank in its scent until I felt completely satiated. Cheap therapy guys. I highly recommend a bit of Jasmine.

I grabbed this book off my other neighbours shelf yesterday. I really do have fabulous neighbours. Anyway, it's called London Style Guide by Saska Graville. My neighbour actually gave Saska her first job many years ago.

I have not been to London so books like this allow me to travel there in my mind. This book is all about eating, sleeping and shopping in London. It is beautifully designed and the photography is gorgeous. One day!

I decided to wear my brand new shoes I purchased in anticipation of summer. According to my 10 year old son, they did not match my outfit but, as I said to him, "too bad so sad". It's amazing what a touch of neon can do for your psyche.

It was a beautiful afternoon today: the sun was warm and the birds were happy. I shared tea with my Hubby and neighbour as well as quite a few naughty slices of fresh sourdough bread with lashings of butter. SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOD.


And last but not least, an unsolicited gift brought to me by my little girl. For me, there is so much meaning in this little dandelion and I can't help shake the feeling that perhaps this is a symbolic message from my Grandma reminding me why I started on this journey in the first place. Good timing Nan, as always. I hear you. I miss you. I love you.