mass production

A Perfect Fit

I really care about where my blankets and throws end up. I think it is because they come from that very vulnerable part of me: the inner creative part which wants to be accepted and understood. These two lovelies look like they have found the perfect home, don't you think? I can rest easy.

This is the first time I have put myself out to the world creatively. It's a nerve racking experience and it can make you feel very vulnerable. My blankets and throws are by no means mainstream. They, like me, have lumps and bumps and squishy bits. That's how I like them. I find not a lot of beauty in mass production. I'm interested in things that people have laboured over, thought about and tended too with their hands ever so deliberately and delicately.

My blankets and throws are my passion. But, they also represent time away from my Children and Husband, so they need to be meaningful and  satisfy my creative urges. Of course, they do in every way. But as an extension of this, it is important to me that my blankets and throws are understood. I want them to go to wonderful homes which will appreciate their quirkiness. I want their new owners to understand that these creations represent my quiet rebellion against the mainstream, against societies expectations of conformity and rigidity. These babies have a big personality and they don't apologise for their imperfections, they revel in them and shout to the world:

"This is what I am, I am perfect in my imperfections. I have been created for the bold and beautiful amongst you. Be brave or move on."

Okay, so that's probably a bit much: we have a habit of giving animals and inanimate objects voices in our family. I blame my Mum. But, it is really how I feel. Like it or lump it people. xx