Monday Moments

Monday 10 September 2012 These are all moments from my Monday, always a busy day juggling many balls.

You know those days when you have so much to do that you walk around in circles trying to get everything done only to find at the end you've achieved very little? Well, that was my Monday. It's all good though. The sun was shining.

I've been playing around with some beautiful hemp fibre lately. My initial experiments with the fibre were a complete failure but, like most disasters, something good usually reveals itself as a result. I have some special plans for this hemp but I can't let you in on them just yet. Could be another failure but I'm really hoping not.

This is a vase I made up today whilst in procrastination mode. I think it is beautiful and a celebration of the beauty of hemp.

I love this photo and I'm not quite sure how I managed to make it look so "deep etchable". That sounds like a bit of  photographer speak doesn't it? Anyway, I had a few interesting enquiries today and one of them was for using one of my woollies for a photo shoot next week in Lorne, Victoria. I'm particularly excited about this one because I get to trim a white merino throw with this awesome eye popping colour. It's the closest to neon pink I could manage to find and it is so much fun. I shall be sure to post a picture of the completed throw.

Yes, these are Allen's Snakes with their heads chopped off. During my regular pencil sharpening session at school this morning, my daughter's super cool teacher mentioned that Kindergarten had an assessment on tomorrow. This did not fill me with joy, let me tell you. Assessments in Kindergarten? Poor little sausages. I asked what the assessment was and, to my great relief, discovered that it involved having to create a face on an Arnott's Milk Arrowroot biscuit using icing and lollies. Right! Interesting!!!!!!

I'm up for anything involving a lolly so I volunteered to buy the supplies: one lolly for me, one for Kindi, one lolly for me, one for Kindi. On it went until sugar overload hit hard and fast. I hate that.

And finally, as the sun was setting, the kids were playing handball in the house (like that's unusual) and I'm still walking around in circles I caught sight of the old man who continued to sleep through the chaos. Old age has some blessings.

Have a great week. xx