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Home Style Sunday Life Magazine
Home Style Sunday Life Magazine

My family and I were recently featured in the  "Home Style" section of Sunday Life Magazine. Many of my friends missed it so this post is for them. The article was written by the lovely Amanda Talbot, the shoot was styled by the same and the photos were taken by Jennifer Soo.

Amanda approached me about appearing in Home Style a while ago. This was a new gig for her and she wanted to show how everyday people lived in their homes. I love working with Amanda so I didn't have to think too hard about whether to go ahead or not. Amanda is generous, kind and just darn clever. As for the little peeps, they scored a day off school for this one and they have since informed me that Amanda can come over anytime. Hmmm!

In the weeks following the shoot, my insecurities got the better of me and I did ruminate as to how the article would be received. I know that must sound silly but I'm a relatively shy person so the thought of being exposed in such a personal way was a little daunting. In fact, I had only mentioned its possible inclusion in Sunday Life Magazine to my family and hoped that most of my friends wouldn't end up seeing the issue.

When the article appeared, I was relieved that the photos of us were relatively inconspicuous. In the days that followed, I was contacted by some lovely friends from my past who were full of encouragement for my new endeavours. I also picked up a new Random Viral. This lovely lady messaged me through my Facebook Page . The following is a quote from her message: "hello little dandelion...., mrs JF(?)...saw an article about your loveerly house in a Sunday mag..just before it was due to go into the fire on a very chilly Spring evening..saved it just in time! read your words about the creative journry...and just making a start...and the words about your son saying that people are buying your stuff, etc. Well dear me, your words went went into my solar plexis1 have been trying to get the gumption and the determination, the energy, the mojo and the belief to do something with my creative side..too many excuses ans too much fear! but your words made me sit up, walk up the stairs and into the office, get online and commit myself to getting this thing going. So thank you!"

No - THANK YOU Random Viral!

I cannot express to you adequately enough what this kind hearted person's words mean to me: talk about putting a skip on my step and a smile on my face. Aren't people brilliant?

Have a look at my new Random Viral's Facebook Page here. You go girl!