The Little Dandelion Clique - an Owner's Gallery

Meet Humphrey. Humphrey first appeared in the June issue of Home Beautiful: he has now found his way to a wonderful home in Victoria. These images were kindly supplied to me Humphrey's new family. You know one of your creations is in good hands when its owner dabbles in a little anthropomorphism: a practice very close to my family's heart and sense of humour.

This last image requires special comment.

I have noticed for a while now that my woollies are of particular interest to the four legged critters living amongst us. In fact, the attraction is so strong, I should pack the woollies off with a warning label about their strong animal magnetic properties. Apparently, Humphry's new owner had a very hard time removing her four legged critter from the blanket. Post photo shoot, this gorgeous animal dug his legs in through the folds of the blanket and stiffened them so he couldn't be removed. Smart dog! But look at those big eyes: surely a puppy as cute as this deserves a little comfort.