Fourth Child

Monday Moments

Monday 17 September 2012 These are all moments from my Monday, always a busy day juggling many balls.

Today was all about getting organised for the school holidays ahead. I love the break from routine that holidays represent. Not having to pack a lunch box x 3, 5 days per week makes me a happy girl. So too does not having to come up with a clean uniform x 3 every morning. That's a lot of pressure on this domestically challenged mother.

I managed to post two custom order throws to their new owners today. Hopefully, I'll soon be able to share a photo with you of the throws in their new homes. I can't wait to see how they are used. It's always a pleasure to see my bits and bobs being loved and enjoyed.

We had a lunch time visit today from one of my Hubby's oldest friends. He is a gorgeous man of Greek and Italian descent. His Mum adores my Hubby and so a visit from this friend always means homemade treats and huge volumes of them. Gotta love a Nonna.

It is often at night, when the peeps are fast asleep, that I garner the energy to start something new. I tend to knit with the big sticks during the day when I'm feeling the most energised. It's very heavy work. The needles in the picture are still big by knitting standards but to me they feel tiny. I must say, it is a bit of a treat using them. This is the start of a linen scarf that I'll pass on to the talented Karen and Pepa from Shibori to dip dye. My Hubby has already put his order in for one.

I've also continued my experiments with fibre. This is linen fibre. This particular fibre has a short staple so it's not so great for knitting with: but, I have other plans for this lusciousness anyway.

Aren't these point shoes beautiful? They are brand new and belong to my honoury Fourth Child. Fourth Child  purchased these on the weekend and to say that this gorgeous girl was excited just doesn't do her justice. Fourth Child, at the tender age of 10, is a dedicated ballerina: 11 training sessions every week and numerous eisteddfods and examinations every year. I have never seen such dedication and commitment in someone so young. Fourth Child's discipline to her craft is something to behold: she is destined for something special this one and it is such a joy to bear witness to the realisation of her potential. You go girl! You are the Dancing Queen.