The Importance of Gratitude

Burning Candle
Burning Candle

I had scheduled today down to the last minute. That's highly unusual behaviour for me. I had made plans to complete certain works in progress and to start new orders. Then I received an email and the schedule was thrown out the window.

And so I drove to Royal North Shore Hospital  to say my final goodbyes to an old friend. Thirty five years ago, at the age of 23, my friend was rendered a quadriplegic after a rugby scrum collapsed on him. Despite the odds, he survived. Post accident, my friend has gone on to live an exemplary life full of courage and hope. His efforts have helped countless others, and their families, who found themselves in a similar situation to his own. He has remained positive and mindful in the face of tremendous hurdles. He has lived his life with gratitude and love in his heart. If he considered his quadriplegia a burden, you would never know it.

As I sat with my friend today, I was reminded of my previous experiences in an ICU ward: they are not happy places. This month marks the three year anniversary of my Mother's double lung transplant. During my Mother's recovery, we spent a lot of time in an ICU ward and the palpable sadness of the ward will never leave me. Our family was very fortunate to have a happy outcome thanks to a loving and generous donor and his or her family. But my friend's loving family will not.

So tonight I light a candle for my friend and pray that the journey ahead for him will allow him to run free. His gracious approach to life has reminded me of the importance of being grateful for all that I have in my life; to live life with positivity and mindfulness. I am reminded that we can overcome any hurdle however monumental it may appear to be. It all comes down to how we think about things. Afterall, we are our thoughts.

Take care my friend xx