The Lorax

Learnings from The Lorax are for all of us

An image of Remy reading The Lorax“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.” Dr Seuss

This message is for all of us, not just our children.

I have been reading Dr Seuss to my children for years. I also read his books  tirelessly growing up. Of all the children's literature I have been exposed to, you just can't beat  a Dr Seuss book for colour, imagination and meaning. As a Mother of three little people you can't squish into a box, having story lines which are left of centre is a godsend. Thank you Dr Seuss. So there was no question that I'd take my children to see the movie version of The Lorax: as much for myself as for them.

The Lorax was first published a year before I was born (I am 39). Far out! So watching a movie like this throws me back to a much simpler time: growing up on the far North Coast of NSW, in the shadow of Mt Warning and with the clear blue waters of Greenmount Beach lapping at my toes. My biggest worry was the number of freckles I kept amassing every summer.

At 39, I obviously have a few more things to worry about, although those freckles keep on coming. But age does bring with it certain advantages, one of them being a broader perspective on life and our social construct. The Lorax is a simple eco-friendly tale about the perils of mindless and unsustainable economic development and the importance of  having an active voice in creating the type of society and environment in which we want to live.

But what struck me most profoundly while watching this gorgeous story unfold on the big screen was that it's not my three little people who need to be drilled in this message. This newest generation are like nothing we have seen before. They are born hard wired with the philosophy of The Lorax. They are also exposed to all manner of environmentally friendly messages by well meaning parents and a caring education system. These kids get it. The "Kony" generation gets it. I dare say, being one of them,  even the Gen'Xers get it. It's our politicians, our policy makers and our captains of industry for whom The Lorax should be made compulsory viewing. There are many "Once-lers" out there who continue to produce "Thneeds" we don't need. Let's all get back to the basics and start caring a little more about the impact our actions have on others and the world we live in.

Let's all go about our day more consciously because, "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not". Dr Seuss. xx