Stitch Library

Stitch Library

Here is a library of the stitches I like to work with. None of them are complicated to do but all of them ensure that the wool and linen used in each creation remains the main event. The stitches help create highly textural pieces which give a lot of warmth and luscious sensory feedback and we all need a little bit of that in our life. An example of mock rib stitch I call "The Hub"The Hub: a mock rib stitch which allows for a lovely draping quality and a little bit of movement. Very textural.

An exmaple of The Hub knitted in linen fabricThis is what The Hub looks like in linen. If only you could touch it through the screen.

An example of moss stitch I call  "The Rambo".The Rambo: a moss stitch knit which gives the surface a smooth river stone feel.

An example of a plain knit stitch I call "The Jappa"The Jappa: a plain knit stitch, the simplest of all the constructions and the mainstay for knitters the world over. It's free therapy on sticks for me. Love this one!

An example of the Jappa worked up in linen:

An example of The Jappa worked up in linen

An example of stocking stitch I call "The Daughts"The Daughts: a stocking stitch which also allows the piece to drape and fold beautifully. Also a mainstay with a cup of tea by your side.

This is what the Daughts looks like in linen:

An example of The Daughts worked up in linen

And last but by no means least:

An example of "The Keik"The Keik: a very dear friend gave me the idea for this one. You know who you are. This is a fun knit to work up and the wool responds gorgeously.