Big Love

Our Ragdoll Mango as a kitten, reworked digitally by the kiddies. He sadly passed away in 2010. He was only 8 months old. We miss him greatly.

As soon as my second child became verbal, he asked for a cat. He banged on about it for years. I grew up with cats and dogs: I loved the dogs but the cats....well???

Anyway, my Hubby and I eventually caved in and arranged in 2009 for two little Ragdoll brothers to be sent from Melbourne, as a Christmas present for the family. We decided that we'd cop this one for the team, despite our concerns about how our crazy old Jack Russell would cope with cats in the house.

We needn't have worried. To cut a long story short, we just never expected to love those two cats soooooooooooooooooooo much. The quickly became the light of our lives and the two circumspect adults of the house were converted to the utter joys of cat ownership. Even the dog was a convert. Go figure!

Very, very sadly and in traumatic circumstances, we lost our beautiful Mango in May 2010. We tried everything we could to save him but to no avail. Mango went to heaven and we were all so distraught. We still are. For a good while, Mango's brother, Chutney, was angry with the world. He was at a loss like the rest of the household. Kindly, the vet surgery who so lovingly attended to Mango gave us the "pretty little Moggy from the back of the Council depot" to help mend our hearts: she did and she is lovely, but not a day goes by when we don't think of our gorgeous Mangs.

My kiddies, like the rest of their generation, know their way around an iphone. They are constantly manipulating photos and I love what they did with my favourite image of Mangs as a wee kitten sitting on a blue stool in our lounge room. He was one cool customer and the edits seem very befitting. Thanks Kiddies - love your work.

Miss you Mangs :(