Brown Paper Packages

My Random Virals

This beautiful package arrived in the mail today. The touch of pink neon made my heart sing. As usual, I was loathe to open the package: it was way too pretty. But I did. Surprise! Myrtle & Moss Hand Cream in Mandarin, Lemon Myrtle and Orange Peel. SUBLIME.

This surprise package is special in two ways.

Firstly, it was sent to me by a beautiful lady who is the happy owner of a Little Dandelion Shrug. This woman first came into my life in June when I received an email from her expressing her congratulations  for me "being so brave". Kindly, she said that my journey thus far with Little Dandelion had been "inspirational" but, the truth is, it was me who was inspired by her generosity of spirit. That someone can take time out of their day to simply express support to a complete stranger is the epitome of kindness. And I strongly believe that "kindness" should be our collective philosophy of how to live a good life.

We have kept up communication via email and this lovely woman has become part of a tight band of quiet supporters that continue to hold my hand everyday. I affectionately refer to them as my "Random Virals". These woman often enter my conversations with my family as I chatter about the days events. They are getting more familar with names now but, every now and then, one of them will stop me and ask "Who is that again?" My answer, "You know, my Random Viral." I love my Randoms.

The second reason this package is so special is because of what it contained: Myrtle & Moss Hand Cream. My Random Viral would not have known how significant and intuitive her choice of gift was. You see, I know the creator of Myrtle a & Moss. Her name is Georgina Nelson. I've known George for years. Like me, she is a busy mum of three gorgeous peeps who just wanted something for herself. So nearly three years ago, she set about making botanical soaps and hand creams at her kitchen sink. She worked tirelessly to get her formulations right. Of a weekend, and with her beautiful family's support, she showed her range at every boutique market on offer in Melbourne. She continues to show at Life Instyle in Sydney and Melbourne. George's business has come along way since its inception and I am very pleased to report that Myrtle & Moss is a much loved and wanted product. George deserves every success: she continues to be a mentor to me and is always full of encouragement and support.

Much love George xx

Much Love Viral Randoms. You know who you are. Could not do this without you xx