art installations

Jacqui likes to work big, really big. The bigger the better.

For more information about creating large scale bespoke art installations for your residence, commercial or public space please email



Knitted and Knotted Wall Hangings are custom made for interior residential and commercial projects. Each piece is bespoke and contains a deceptively large amount of high quality merino wools of various handmade textures. The artworks add an impactful textural element to a space and consists of a carefully placed three dimensional arrangement of hand knitted and knotted felted woollen pieces in natural colours to create depth, light and shade. No two works are the same. 

The width and drop of each work is customized to your space. There is no limitation on size: the larger, the more bonkers, the more exciting.

Price is determined by the size of the work. 

Please email me for more details