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Video by Claudia Oliviera, Narrativa Video Production

Extreme Knitting 101: Part One 

In this four Part Series, Jacqui Fink of Little Dandelion explains the ins and outs of extreme knitting. To maximise your enjoyment of the knitting on such a large scale and designed with beginners in mind, Jacqui explains the fundamentals of her extreme knitting and the difference between working with unspun woollen tops and her purposely designed K1S1 Extreme Knitting Yarn, made from felted merino woollen tops.

Extreme Knitting 101: Part Two


Extreme Knitting 101: Part Three


Extreme Knitting 101: Part Four


Time Lapse Video: The Ball

This fast motion video captures the creation of a giant ball of wool from beginning to end by Sydney fibre artist Jacqui Fink from Little Dandelion over a three week period. With an end diameter of 1.8m, the Ball contains thousands of metres of K1S1 Extreme Knitting Yarn made from felted woollen tops.

A ant Hand Crochet Heart to spread Valentine's love made by Anne Weil of Flax & Twine using K1S1 Extreme Knitting Yarn

I met Anne Weil of Flax & Twine at Vogue Knitting Live January 2016. We had an instant connection. This cute little video has been made by Anne as a thank you to her followers. Using K1S1 Extreme Knitting Yarn, Anne crocheted the heart using her hands. You can read Anne's blog post about how she made the heart here.

Soft Light - Ruth Rosham and Tango Noir. Knitwear designed and made by me, commissioned by melbourne stylist stuart walford

From Ruth Roshan & Tango Noir's album "Stories of Love & Regret" Written and sung by Ruth Roshan. Amir Farid (piano), Aaron Barnden (violin), Caerwen Martin (cello). Knitwear commissioned by stylist Stuart Walford. Made from unspun wool in charcoal grey especially for this video. I made the pattern up as I went a long and, as usual, didn't keep a record of it. Really need to get better at recording my activities. I always assume I'll remember it but no - of course I don't. 

Wool Week 2016: video created by the Woolmark company capturing the goings on during wool week in australia

Australia's iconic wool industry was once again in the spotlight as woolgrowers, fashion designers, retailers and consumers united in the name of wool. Wool Week Australia is part of the global Campaign for Wool, which pitches wool as a natural alternative to synthetic fibres. Read More: