Extreme Knitting 101

Want to learn how to do extreme knitting? 

Then join me at The School for the loveliest creative meditation you can imagine. My classes are never about the knitting. They are a very personal exchange of in depth learnings, well honed skills and creative energy.

Whilst my concept is now replicated all over the world by other makers, you can't beat learning from the source.  My considerable experience, passion, insight into living creatively and intimate knowledge of a process borne out of a very traumatic period on my life can never be replicated. 

Megan Morton, stylist, author and founder of The School, has completely reimagined the traditional workshops of Master and Apprentice of old into a beautiful, chic and contemporary setting. The School works with creatives at the top of their game; those first to market with a concept; the revolutionary thinkers; and, those who are happy to share there tacit knowledge. 

As a teacher, I travel with The School, far and wide, to bring extreme knitting to others. Bookings for each class are handled by The School. Dates for 2017 will be available soon.


Can't make it to a class?

Then watch my tutorial covering all the ins and its of extreme knitting here.

Extreme Knitting is suitable for all levels of ability, even beginners. In fact, working on a large scale  is a great way to learn knitting.

When you are ready to make your own bespoke extreme textile, you can purchase K1S1 Extreme Knitting Yarn and Industrial Needles here.




Images by Brooke Holm. October 2015, The School.

Wool Week 2016, Westfield Sydney

Educating participants about the beauty of merino wool, why it is so special and the realities of knitting with unspun wool.