Own A Jacqui Fink Original

K1S1 Extreme throw in Putty

K1S1 Extreme throw in Putty

Custom made blankets and throws using K1S1 are made by Jacqui to your specifications and dimensions. Please email Jacqui on hello@littledandelion.com for more information.


K1S1 comes in a number of colours, from chic neutrals to pastels, darks and bold colours. View the full range here.

Which Stitch?

That's up to you.

Due to the large scale of K1S1, the most simplest of stitches have the most stunning visual impact.  The most popular stitches are:

  • Basket Weave
  • Double Rib stitch
  • Garter or knit stitch
  • Stocking Stitch
  • Moss stitch
  • Single Rib stitch
  • Single Cable stitch
  • Double cable stitch

These stitches, while simple in their construction, showcase the natural beauty of the wool magnificently and enable Jacqui to achieve a highly textural creation that provides not only warmth but luscious sensory feedback.

Lead Time

The lead-time is currently 6 weeks although this is subject to change depending on Jacqui's work load.

Can't wait that long? A small selection of ready made blankets and throws are available for purchase in the shop.


  • Dry Clean Delicate.
  • Hand Wash using lukewarm water and high quality wool wash. Remove excess water before drying. 
  • Wash infrequently.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Handle and store with care.